In case you missed it! - 'I don't know how she ...' Webinar series

Sep 09, 2020

Did you miss the chance to join our recent webinars? Catch up with all our online content on our EIT Health Alumni Youtube Channel!

'I don't know how she ...!' webinar series 

For the past few months, members of the EIT Health Alumni Network, in collaboration with the E-Force team, have hosted a series of webinars inviting inspirational entrepreneurs and innovators to share their experiences in the world of business and entrepreneurship, pass on best practices, and answer burning questions of the community.

Each webinar is centered around the concept of 'I don't know how she [does] it', with speakers being invited to focus their presentation around a common topic in start-up life. - Leadership, funding, expansion and partnerships, etc.  

Recent events:

In case you missed any of these great events, you can find them all on our Alumni Rewind page

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