New Features Released : Event proposals and Job publishing

We are pleased to announce two new features on the Alumni Platform!

Want to propose your own Alumni event? Looking for a new staff member or partner for your project? This August, we've added two new features to our platform to allow you to easily take these calls into your own hands.

Feature release #1 // Publish a job or find a project partner

Finding a perfect team member is never easy, but with the release of our new feature to the Alumni Job Board, we're here to help. 

We have added the capability for users to 'Publish directly to our Job Board. By clicking on the blue 'Publish your opportunity' button on the right of the page, you can now share a call to action directly with the whole community. 

With this new feature, our members are now able to design their own post on the Job Board, share it with the whole community, and succeed in finding their perfect partner, internship or staff member.
We have also added the option to publish specifc calls according to the following categories: 

  • Post a Job offer
  • Post an internship
  • Offer a short term project
  • Find a partner for my project
  • Find an internship 

Click here to publish on the Job Board today.

Feature release #2 // Propose your own Alumni Event

Our community thrives on organising events by Alumni for Alumni, and now we've made this even easier!
We are now pleased to announce the launch of a new feature to the Alumni platform which makes it simple for members to submit their own unique event proposals directly to the EIT Health Alumni Board.

Under the Events menu header of the platform, you will now see a new sub-header: 'Propose your own Alumni Event'.

This button will take you to an event proposal form, where you can outline the focus of your event, your target group, and even the budget you might require. 

Your personalised Alumni event is now just a click away! 

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