International Women's Day 2020 - Interview with Liana Schvachiy

Apr 07, 2020

Earlier this year, we put together a video to celebrate International Women's Day 2020, which you may have seen across many of our social media channels. 

The initiative, which shared a series of messages from some of the wonderful women in our community, was kicked off by Liana Shvachiy, our Regional Coordinator for the DACH Region.

As this video proved to be popular, we thought we would reach out to Liana to find out a little more about the whole project, and see if there are any other initiatives in the works. 

1. What inspired you to launch this initiative for international Women’s day?

International Women’s day has always been a special day in my family. We always chose to celebrate it, as it is a symbol of women’s empowerment. Being currently away from my family due to my studies, but part of the EIT Health Alumni community made me think that there are other ways to celebrate.
After seeing the EIT initiative for the Education Day earlier this year, I got inspired. All it took was a little chat with the Boards of the EIT Health Alumni and Women@EIT for everybody to get to work.


2. With over 550 views in the past few weeks, the video was clearly a hit with the EIT Community. Why do you think this topic resonates with so many members of our network?

First of all, I am very grateful that this activity had such a success rate. I would like to thank everybody who was involved from across the EIT Alumni Community and give special thanks to the EIT Health Alumni Board and Women@EIT for all their hard work.
The topic of Women empowerment has always been of high concern to our community, particularly in such an innovative environment as the EIT. We women have been fighting for our equal rights for a long time now, and in this current generation, we are in a stronger position than ever before. We can be inspired and motivated by the fact that the EIT is helping women all across Europe to become the best they can be and to realize their full potential as entrepreneurs and innovators.

So, I would say that by celebrating and promoting our successful women at EIT, together across the communities, has made this a topic of interest for a lot of people.


3. As we move more and more activities online in the midst of COVID-19, video content is clearly becoming more popular. Do you and the rest of the Alumni Board have plans for another video communication?

COVID-19 has been a breaker of all laws. It has led people to rethink the way of working and to create new means of communication due to the social distancing and isolation. Currently, students are having classes online and meetings are being performed with the help of special tools.
We, as an international community, are already well acquainted with these types of activities, so we can use this opportunity to lead from the front. On the EIT Health Alumni Board, we have been working towards creating more online content for our community to try and reach out to the greatest number of our members, and even those not yet part of our community. We are already “cooking” some exciting ideas for online content. So stay tuned! 

In case you missed the video, check it out below:

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