Call to Action: Join the Digital Aid Project

Mar 31, 2020

Call to Action: Join the Digital Aid Project

A message from Anca Sarbu, EIT Health Alumni Representative for Austria

The Digital Aid Project (DAP) is looking for participants to join a team focussing on connecting start-ups and digital solutions to those in need. Providing support to nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, and mental health facilities. #LeaveNoOneBehind

The DAP is looking for:
- Health innovators
- Patients or family members of current inpatients (in nursing homes, rehabilitation, psychotherapy)
- Start-ups with existing solutions for elders/retirement-nursing homes, rehabilitation, mental health
- Partner organisations

What is the DAP?

The DAP is an ad-hoc, non-profit, public health and social action gathering health innovators in a global network inspired by solidarity, a culture of dialogue and cooperation for the vulnerable. This project aims to ensure the continued, resilient provision of care in nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and mental health facilities through tailored recommendations, and bold, digital solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out more about the DAP and the mission of the project here.

Get involved

If you want to join us, please register here: by Fri 3rd of April, 17:00 CET.

If you are an organisation who already has a solution that can tackle the current needs of vulnerable inpatient groups, OR who wishes to join us as a partner, through dissemination, networking or by supporting us to expand, let’s talk: 

Join us today and #LeaveNoOneBehind before it’s too late


The Digital Aid Project is supported by EIT Health Alumni 

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