20 startups to follow in 2020 // The Pulse #1

Apr 01, 2020

Author: Adriano Fontanari, reviewed by Miguel Amador

In February, we selected 20 Startups (from the EIT Health Network) that we believe could be the game-changers of the European Healthcare Industry in 2020. The shortlist is based on the capital raised within the EIT Health Network (e.g. after winning a flagship EIT Health Award).

Digital Health:

Epihunter digital solutons

Epihunter (EIT Health Catapult 2019, Winner Digital Health Category): is aiming at improving the daily life of people with epilepsy. Epihunter creates digital solutions that use EEG to measure brain state.

FeetMe (EIT Health Catapult 2018, 3rd place Finalist - Digital Health): is working on medical wearables to improve mobility. FeetMe tracks relevant digital biomarkers to rehabilitate and assist gait to maintain autonomy. In September FeetMe raised €  9,4M to accelerate commercial activities.

FibriCheck (EIT Health Catapult 2017, Winner Digital Health Category): Fibricheck have developed an app (CE and FDA certified) to check heart rhythm. Fibricheck detects irregularities and aims to prevent strokes, by providing immediate and actionable results.

Kontigo Care (EIT Health Product Market FIt Programme, IPO listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange): Kontigo Care is using technology to address dependencies. The software is able to analyze the trend in behavior patterns and predict relapses, supporting the health care professionals in customizing the treatment.

Big Health: This Startup has developed 'Sleepio', a personalized digital sleep improvement programme using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT that provides a journey to better sleep, and 'DayLight' to help individuals address worry and anxiety. In 2016, Big Health raised €12M to invest in product and business development.

Triumf Health (EIT Health Catapult 2019, 2nd place Finalist - Digital Health and Alexa Audience Award): Triumf is working on a Digital Behavioural Therapeutic Solutions aiming at improving the mental health and wellbeing of children.



K'watch Glucose Monitor

Aenitis technologies (EIT Health Catapult 2018, Winner MedTech Category): Aenitis is tackling the challenges associated with handling or sorting biological products. The startup is developing methods for continuous, contactless and pressureless manipulation, separation or filtering of cells in suspensions, using acoustic radiation forces.

Diabeloop (2019 EIT Innovators Award Winner): is addressing Type 1 diabetes with an artificial pancreas device that is able to automatically control the blood glucose levels. Diabeloop raised €31 M to accelerate the international lunch in Europe and the US.

Mowoot (EIT Health Catapult 2019, 2nd place Finalist - MedTech): is working in the area of chronic constipation, with a natural, non-pharmacological and non-invasive that stimulates the international transit in a natural way.

Oxford Endovascular Limited (EIT Health Catapult 2019, 3rd place Finalist - MedTech): born as a spinoff of the University of Oxford, the start-up is working on the next-generation of medical devices for treating brain aneurysms. The Oxford technology uses a laser-cut metal alloy that has a shape-memory, which can be inserted into the brain, diverting the blood away from the aneurysm. The company raised last February €3M trough the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Program.

Pkvitality (EIT Health Catapult 2019, Winner MedTech Category): has developed K’Watch Glucose, a glucose monitoring device that continuously tracks glucose levels, checks for sugar level, and provides insights on how to improve your glucose level. This January Pkvitality raised €2,3M to develop its smartwatch for diabetes management.

STHLM3RS (2017 EIT Health Innovation Award): Stockholm3 (a project led by Karolinska Institutet) is a blood test aiming at creating a more accurate way to screen for the risk of prostate cancer. The test is undergoing clinical validation and the development of a “technology agnostic” version that works on many platforms.

Surge-on Medical (Recently fundraised 539K via aescuvest.eu, a crowdfunding platform powered by EIT Health): the startup developed the Steerable Punch, the first steerable, detachable and fully cleanable arthroscopic cutter for knee surgery. The device significantly reduces the number of pre-bent instruments required per surgery.

Teiacare (Raised 1,1M - Nov 2019, by EIT Health): Teiacare developed Ancelia, the first digital assistant for the Elderly. Ancelia uses an optical sensor positioned on the ceiling above the bed that enables smart bed program positionings, reduces the risk of falling and detects nocturnal movements and wandering.

VitaDx (EIT Health Catapult 2018, 2nd place Finalist - MedTech): the startup is addressing the unmet need in bladder cancer, a disease affecting around 430.000 people worldwide every year. VitaDx is developing a diagnostic aid tool that is non-invasive, more efficient than urinary cytology for the detection of low grades, reproducible, reliable and simple to implement. The startup recently raised € 4M to further expand its activities.




Elthera (EIT Health Catapult 2017, 3rd place Finalist - Biotech): Elthera is a biopharmaceutical company developing antibodies against the novel target LICAM, an adhesion molecule whose expression is strongly correlated with an aggressive tumor phenotype and poor prognosis in various types of cancer. Elthera was awarded a grant of $ 2,8m trough the Horizon 2020 program.

Gedea Biotech AB (EIT Health Catapult 2018, 3rd place Finalist - Biotech): Gedea Biotech is a Sweden startup is developing pHyph, the thirst antibiotic-free treatment expected to cure bacterial vaginosis, an inflammation affected 15 to 45 million of women in Europe every year.

LIfT BioSciences (EIT Health Catapult 2018, 2nd place Finalist - Biotech): the company is working on the world’s first cell therapy to destroy all solid tumors (pancreatic cancer included). The startup is completing pre-clinical work before the in-human clinical trial. The startup raised last summer $ 2,4M to further develop its solution.

SparingVision (EIT Health Catapult 2019, Winner Biotech Category): the startup is working on a treatment of blinding inherited retinal diseases (e.g. retinis pigmentosa), a disease affecting 2M of people in the world. SparingVision received a grant of € 2,5M from the Horizon 2020 program.

Takis (EIT Health Catapult 2018, 2nd place Finalist - Biotech): Takis is a biotech startup developing therapeutic cancer vaccines again tumor antigens that play a role in tumor development and maintenance.


Special Mentions:


Smart4Diagnostics (EIT Health WildCard Winner): the company is working on a solution to digitize blood sampling, closing the gap between blood collection and lab analysis. Thanks to the 3rd place in the EIC Accelerator the startup received € 2,5M to finance the market release of its products.

Inveox: (EIT Health Headstart Award – Winner 2018): Inveox is a German startup is bringing technology and automation to histopathology labs, in order to improve the safety and reliability of cancer diagnosis. The company recently fundraised €17M to invest in the production of its solutions.

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