Report from: EIT Health Summit 2019 - Intense, inspiring, energising, motivating.

Dec 05, 2019

Written by Anca Sarbu, EIT Health Alumni Local Representative for Austria

It happens to me every time: I attend an EIT Health event and when I leave, I am again the 20 years old Anca who trusts she will change the world. I sincerely believe everyone needs a dose of EIT Health in their life once in a while in order to get a taste of innovation and regain faith in humanity at the same time.

The EIT Health Summit 2019 was intense, inspiring, energising and motivating. The exquisite location, the fine selection of speakers, partners and innovators, the quality and relevance of the content definitely made the EIT Health Summit one of the Best Healthcare Events of the Year; but hey, who says I am surprised?

Whereas the Summit was all about “how could I be EVERYWHERE and talk with EVERYONE” the EIT Health Alumni Meeting was like a dear high-school reunion. Although we do not all meet on a regular basis, the Network is like a family and is the pure proof that remote, multidisciplinary, multicultural teams work and they are able to achieve higher goals.

Amazing experience, which I cannot wait to repeat. Thing is that now, as I returned to my daily routine, I don’t know where to start so that I don’t spend any second without making a difference – this is EIT Health.

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